We Made BURRATA right on the Waterfront !

April 6, 2011


Pier 23 cafe owner, Flicka McGurrin, all aglow while introducing Chef Matt to the crowd


Chef Matt doing his best Jaques Pepin impression…. Look at that backdrop?!  Wow.


Brad Lange captivates the crowd discussing his family’s local wine tradition


Looks like quite a  crowd pleaser!

A special thanks to all those who came down for CHEF MATT’S BURRATA MAKING WORKSHOP and the LANGE TWINS WINERY TASTING last Monday.  We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.  Kicking off the evening with (of course) the wine!!… BRAD LANGE, one of the twins, and his daughter talked about their winemaking process.   With a tradition passed on for five generations in Lodi, they discussed how working with family, keeping it local, and focusing on sustainability have been keys to their success.  And the proof is in the tasting!  New found admirers quickly snatched up bottles they had for sale.

Once the crowd was properly poised from the delicious wine tasting, CHEF MATT, took the stage.  With pots, pans, milk and cream on hand he went through each step of how he makes BURRATA.  He began by simmering whole milk and cream until it became delicately curd-like, he then refrigerates this mixture for 24 hours, making a ricotta cheese product.  Due to time constraints, fresh ricotta he’d made the day before magically appeared (just like those chefs on TV!!).  He then cut thin slices of fresh mozzarella and placed them in a strainer inside simmering water to soften.  Once softened, he pulled the cheese from the strainer and patted into a pancake. He then added the ricotta to the center of this patty and then expertly formed a ball with the mozzarella around the ricotta.  Dipping the ball back into the hot water strainer sealing the cheese he then placed the ball delicately into an ice bath.

After going over the basics, Chef Matt asked if anyone wanted to try making a burrata ball.  The crowd was enthusiastic!  Everyone was eager to form their very own delicious orb of creamy burrata.

With such a successful turnout we are planning more fun events to come.  Let us know if you’re interested in a second BURRATA workshop, a local vineyard WINE TASTING, or any another event involving some culinary curiosity.

Oh!  And be sure to check out the HOT SPOT BLOG in the upcoming weeks as we will be posting a video of the BURRATA WORKSHOP.  Don’t worry.  We won’t make it too cheesy.