And you thought YOU liked OYSTERS!

October 2, 2011

Here’s CHEF MATT GARCIA just seconds before swallowing a copious quantity of raw oysters for the 18th annual SHUCK & SWALLOW Oyster competition.  Teams of two tried their best to shuck and swallow the most oysters in 10 minutes flat.  The event, hosted by McCormick & Kuleto’s, drew contestants from the finest Bay Area restaurants to raise money for The Marine Mammal Center.

With trusted shucker, Melcher of Cafe Americano, slicing through shells at top speed Pier 23 Cafe’s Chef Matt swallowed a total of 78 oysters!!  But there were some mighty big swallowers in this crowd with the winner consuming a whopping 154 oysters!!   Congratulations to the winners and a special thanks to McCormick & Kuleto’s for hosting such a fine event.  Be sure to watch out next year!  Chef Matt is in training to swallow for top prize!  Oysters, beware…