WRAP it UP! I’ll take this LETTUCE WRAP anyday…

October 10, 2011

With the arrival of fall, we’ve decided to make our own seasonal changes to the Pier 23 Cafe menu.  One of the new dishes CHEF MATT has concocted is his own colorful Latino variation of a favorite pan Asian delight, the lettuce cup.   His first innovation starts with the meat.   Oh so tender roasted and pulled…bet you thought it was going to be pork!  Nope!  Chef Matt throws us for a culinary curve by using duck in this dish.  The flavorful meat tucked into a fresh and crisp iceberg lettuce cup is  heavenly when topped with the pickled onions that add both texture and tartness.  The fusion of delicious flavors extends beyond sublime with sides of fresh diced mango, sliced carrots, peanuts, red pepper, and garlic chips to sprinkle on top!  A sweet n’ sour lime and cilantro dipping sauce harmonizes all of these contrasting flavors beautifully.

Is it a lettuce cup or a duck taco with an iceberg lettuce shell?  Who cares.  It’s gooooooood.  And that’s all that counts.