Don’t let this CATCH OF THE DAY get away!

October 25, 2011

Chef Matt updates a classic Spanish single pan dish with this PAN BRAISED LING COD.

Served over a bed of toasted angel hair pasta, the ling cod has a light peppery finish that helps define its subtle taste. While cooking in the pan, the angel hair pasta absorbs the delicious juices and tender onions adding a rich ethereal layer to the dish. In the last minutes, Broccoli de Chico (flowered baby broccoli tips) are added to the pan, cooked just enough to maintain a “crisp to the bite” texture.  The light bitter tones of the young broccoli serve as a perfect counterbalance to the delicately flavored fish.

Light, moist, melt in your mouth this is everything you want in a seafood entree.