HOT POCKET…A Sunday Afternoon Delight

October 26, 2011


It’s Sunday afternoon.  Where’s the spot to be?

The back deck of Pier 23 Cafe grooving to some of the best live music in the Bay Area.

Here is one of Pier 23 Cafe favorites, HOT POCKET, just getting started as they play to a growing crowd on the dance floor.  From Snoop to Al Green, these guys cover the hip hop soul spectrum.  Comprised of the rhythm section of SF superband Bayonics, this smaller crew has a refined style bringing a richer fuller sound to their inspired mash ups of thugged out classics like RBL’s, “Don’t Give Me No Bammer” mixed with Marvin Gaye’s “After the Dance”.

Jairo Vargas’ vocals are truly next level. So smooth do they flow he can sing all the parts – lead, backup- in one single breath.  He does Luther Vandross proud in the band’s rendition of “Never Too Much”.  While he sang, a line of guys came dancing out the bar straight to the dance floor to sing right along with him… “a thousand kisses from you is never too much…”  Now that was a sight to see!

HOT POCKET plays on the third Sunday of every month.  Don’t miss the next show!