October 28, 2011

Taking inspiration from around the globe, CHEF MATT continues to pique our curiousity with his culinary mastery. Introducing his new appetizer the CHORIZO FIRECRACKERS.

Mini flautas or lil lumpias?  With a bit of sweet n’ sour emboldened by rich Latino flavors, this cross cultural fusion will keep you guessing with each bite.

Chef Matt starts the dish by making his own chorizo giving him full control of the interplay of spices to meat.  He then blends the chorizo with Thai chili, golden raisins & jack cheese rolling this mixture tightly in a small flour tortilla.  Each roll is then fried to a crisp light brown perfection.

A trio of rolls, delicately stacked and tied together by a grilled green onion, luxuriates in a pool of chipotle cheddar cheese sauce.   Polka dots of creme fraiche and four pepper ranchero sauce not only add a nice graphic touch but expertly top off the piquant flavors of chorizo, thai chili and the sweet golden raisins.

Sparks will fly when you try Chef’s Matt’s Chorizo Firecrackers!