March 7, 2012


Now how do you deconstruct a soup?

Leave it to Pier 23 Cafe’s CHEF MATT GARCIA to come up with a way!

In his latest special , GRILLED PEAR BRUSCHETTA, Chef Matt strips the classic French Onion soup down to its bare flavors then throws in a few radical ingredients of his own… like Frog Hollow Pears !!??   The true genius is grilling the pears which unlocks a dynamic amalgam of flavor.  The sweet flesh is cooked tenderly protected by the skin which takes on the smokey notes and grilled texture.  Rather than gruyere cheese Chef Matt goes Italian using house made burrata and a balsamic reduction.  The cheesy orb oozes a delicate mozzarella cream onto caramelized french onions becoming pure food ecstasy when slathered onto grilled sourdough.