April 6, 2012



Ok, they’re really called BOAT SCALLOPS but how dreamy is this new Catch of the Day?!

Each scallop is carefully seared with just enough heat to release the delicate flavor of the seafood.  Shades of amber fade down the beautiful crust while lavender chive blossoms frolick about evoking the colors of an Impressionist painting.

Think of the table in Renoir’s, Luncheon of the Boating Party.  This dish would fit right into the sun dappled scenery.

A bed of shaved Brussels sprouts provide a nice crunch.  But, the dish really comes together once you’ve tasted a perfectly seasoned coin potato (creamer potatoes sliced thin as a “coin”) soaked with the wonderful juices of the scallop.  An herby vibrance of the fresh chives lingers….ahhhh.

Perhaps another Sauvignon Blanc?