May 18, 2012



To truly appreciate the beauty of this new SUMMER MENU dish you really must see it in two shots.

The ‘Before’ shot where the SCALLOP CEVICHE is housed elegantly in a pristine glass bulb.  Fresh scallops, bright green avocado, grilled kernels of sweet yellow corn, and chopped red onion are exquisitely layered resembling a tiny rainbow captured in a glass or could it be the Mexican flag?  That’s for you to decide.

Once the glass is lifted the layers of ceviche are finally able to let loose.  The essence of red onion trickles down into the corn, both notes flow into the avocado, finally lavishing the bottom layer of scallop with profound vibrant flavor. A roasted poblano mole takes this flavor escapade further into the culinary heart of Mexico.

You’ll be the luckiest person at the table when you see this SCALLOP CEVICHE coming your way!