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Not your Italian Grandma’s CIOPPINO

No offense to any Italian grandmothers out there.  We love you ALL ... But, have you tried Chef Matt's CIOPPINO  lately?? Large prawns bathe alongside hunks of Dungeness crab, Mediterranean mussels, manila clams, and day boat scallops in a brilliant orange seafood broth.  Dipped sourdough toast points are poised to be soaked, plucked, and devoured! To ...

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ROCKET MAN flys by Pier 23 Cafe!

  It's a bird, it's a plane.  No. It's a dude with a jet pack! Have you seen him yet?  Apparently, ROCKET MAN has been popping up all over the SF Bay this summer.  Hovering over the waves in McCovey Cove watching the Giants' Matt Cain pitch a perfect game against the Astros early June.  He was also seen levitating over the Tiburon marina deftly avoiding ...

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