Spring Forward with these SPECIAL SALADS!

March 14, 2013



These new salads will surely put a pep in your step this Spring.

Now if you’re looking to start off the season with more of a kick, you definitely want to go with The SEARED BEEF & PAPAYA SALAD.  The chile crusted sliced beef will leave your lips tingling with fiery heat.  Fortunately, the green papaya offers a soothing relief.  Topped with pickled onion, toasted peanuts, and garlic chips, that add nice crunch and layers (and layers!) of flavor that reveal themselves more with each bite.

Perhaps spice isn’t your thing.  Then you’ll want to order the BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD, a cool alternative to the seared beef & papaya salad.  Thin slices of cucumbers, mangoes and shards of watermelon radish, are tossed with red onion all served over butter lettuce and dressed with a coriander vinaigrette.  This is a wonderful salad to share or to even start off your meal.  It’s a perfect palate cleanser and light enough so you have room to order more…like dessert!

If you want something healthy without sacrificing flavor, come down to PIER 23 CAFE and try one of these new salads today!