Ruben Sandwich SF Style

December 12, 2013

There’s Katz’s Deli in New York and Langer’s in LA, but if you’ve been looking for a CORNED BEEF SANDWICH in SF you may have come up short…until now!

Chef Matt has concocted a version of the classic ruben sandwich putting his own SF spin on the traditional recipe.  First of all, he doesn’t use rye bread.  In his efforts to always keep it local he’s opted for the SF native sourdough.  This may seem like culinary blasphemy for some ruben enthusiasts…but just try it!  You will be pleasantly surprised by the tang of the sourdough bread.  It’s thick enough to achieve a nice buttery toasted exterior while maintaining a soft pillowy texture in the middle soaking up the juices of the delicious corned beef.  Swiss cheese is melted on top of the thinly sliced corned beef and topped with house kraut.  The kraut adds a perfect amount of acidity and texture to the savory sandwich.  Finally, the bread is brushed with horseradish aioli and louie dressing hitting the spicy sweet notes that make this sandwich ooze with scrumptious flavor.   Served with homemade pickles that just add more authenticity to this revamped classic.