Catch O’ Day : Sanddabs & Succotash!

June 24, 2014

Sanddabs, a small light delicate white fish, is an old San Francisco favorite rarely seen on menus today.  Served, bone in, the fish is gently pan roasted so that the meat falls off the bone in one beautiful filet.  Basking in a butter, lemon, garlic and herb sauce that doesn’t overwhelm the light fish but truly brings forth the subtle seafood flavor.

The sanddabs are served over a bright succotash- a mixture of corn, tomatoes, collard greens, cranberry beans, enriched by a hint of bacon. The corn bursts with sweetness while the collard greens counter with a slight bitter note.

This amazing dish celebrates the often overlooked sanddab in a beautiful way.  As the catch o’ day it won’t be here long so you don’t want to miss it!