A Crab Salad Revelation

July 24, 2014

Often when you order a crab salad you receive gobs of louie dressing and an infinitesimal amount of crab.  Not the case with this crab salad at Pier 23 Cafe!

Created by our new Executive Chef, SEAMUS GIBNEY, this salad is teeming with big chunks of crab meat.  The crab is tossed in a saffron aioli with avocado, green onion, and slices of radish served over a bed of arugula. The crab and avocado combination are truly a match made in epicurean heaven.  The radish adds a delightfully fresh crisp texture while the arugula gives a little bit of a bite.

You have never had a crab salad this delicious.  Seriously, this is one of those dishes that you dream about.

After tasting this revelatory crab salad a regular Louie just won’t do.