Catch O’ Day : OH MY COD!

October 1, 2014

With temperature in the 80s, the Bay Area feels more like the tropics this week.  So how appropriate that we have this PAN ROASTED COD special that looks as if conjured out of a Tahitian scene painted by Gauguin.

The cod rests on a celery root puree floating in a pool of orange chili and green basil oil.  Pan roasting the cod brings out the subtle flavors of the light fish while giving it a beautiful crust.  The celery root puree is silky with a hint of sweetness.  This sweeteness is countered with heat from the chili oil while the basil oil brings in a lovely herbacious flavor. The uniquely shaped lotus root chips are set atop the fish adding a nice textural crunch to the delicate cod.  Garnished with a perfectly placed purple orchid (that’s edible!) you will instantly be transported to some faraway exotic land.