All About the Bouillabaisse!

January 30, 2015

I’m all ’bout the baisse, BOUILLABAISSE.

Sumptuous prawns, Littleneck clams, chunks of cod, mussels and scallops are cooked in a light broth of saffron smoked ham stock, butter, white wine, and Anisette.  Sounds complex but the results are simply delicious.  The ham stock adds a smokiness to the broth that evokes southern flavors and comfort food.  This is offset nicely by the white wine and Anisette that add a dry elegance to the down home flavors of the smoked ham stock.

Thankfully,  sour dough toast points from Boudin Bakery are placed on top so you can dip at will (or you can slurp from the bowl directly…we won’t judge.) A light saffron aioli is spread on the toast points just to push the delectable factor over the top.