May 30, 2016

Did you know you could help save the earth by eating a burger?!

Yes, it’s true.  And leave it to the clever folks at the James Beard Foundation to figure out how : through their BETTER BURGER PROJECT.  It’s not just a contest, it’s a movement.  The mission of the Better Burger Project (also known as the Blended Burger Project…yeah, confusing) is to promote more healthy and sustainable practices by inviting a select few chefs across America to come up with their own blended burger consisting of at least 25% fresh cultivated mushrooms.

Pier 23 Cafe’s, CHEF SEAMUS GIBNEY, has risen to the challenge with his SHROOMBURGER that boasts 38% ground portobello mushroom to 62% dry aged chuck beef.  This not only makes our burger more sustainable, more healthy, but more delicious as the portobello adds a wonderfully deep rich flavor. This unique patty is topped with melted raclette cheese (similar to Gruyere), pieces of house cured maple-bacon, and marinated Vidalia onions.  All stacked on a toasted brioche bun with a Duxelles aoili (porcini mushroom) and a few sprigs of arugula.  The Shroomburger, crisscrosses the flavor profile spectrum- earthy, acidic, sweet, savory.  And don’t worry,  even with such refined ingredients, it’s still a big ‘ol burger but amazingly doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all.

So come on down and try it for yourself!  The Better Burger Project lasts from now until July 31st, 2016.

Please vote to make Pier 23 Cafe’s SHROOMBURGER the best BETTER BURGER.

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