June 25, 2016

Summer’s here and you’re hungry but you’ve vowed to only eat salads until September.  Have no fear, our seared coriander encrusted TOMBO TUNA is here to save your crave.

Thick slices of beautifully seared Tombo Tuna rest atop a summery salad made of arugula, fava bean greens, fresh apricot, shaved jalapeno, kohlrabi, spiced cashews and shaved red onion tossed in a lime cilantro vinaigrette.  Hints of toasted coriander and cashew add a deep nutty flavor to the spicy crunchy greens of the salad.

As for the salad, CHEF SEAMUS, has really been turning out some insanely delicious mixed greens in the last few months.  Have you tried the kohlrabi slaw that goes with the Korean Bbq Ribs yet??  Well, I digress.  In his effort to try to keep it local and sustainable whenever possible, Chef Seamus, has sourced fruits and vegetables from KNOLL FARM, a small Bay Area outfit in Brentwood.   With a focus on organic biodynamic farming, the Knolls have a particular flare for fruit.  Their apricots are out of this world.  It’s like tasting the purest essence of an apricot.  The arugula is bold, peppery, with an almost licorice finish while the fava bean greens taste similar to a pea tendril with the texture of baby spinach.  The vibrant flavor of their produce comes from an honest and ecological approach to farming.  We, at Pier 23 Cafe, agree that taking a more holistic approach to farming and food production not only helps the earth but makes our food more delicious.  Just try this salad and you’ll know exactly what we mean.