Can’t Wait for CRAB Season!

October 10, 2014

If you're chomping at the bit to get your hands on some delicious crab you're not alone.  As San Franciscans, we are so lucky to enjoy fresh Dungeness crab each winter but some of us can't wait until November.  In anticipation of our local Dungeness crab season starting up, we are serving ALASKAN KING CRAB. Cooked to tender perfection in butter, garlic, white wine, parsley and olive oil, this delicious concoction is mouth watering good!  ...

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Catch O’ Day : OH MY COD!

October 1, 2014

With temperature in the 80s, the Bay Area feels more like the tropics this week.  So how appropriate that we have this PAN ROASTED COD special that looks as if conjured out of a Tahitian scene painted by Gauguin. The cod rests on a celery root puree floating in a pool of orange chili and green basil oil.  Pan roasting the cod brings out the subtle flavors of the light fish while giving it a beautiful crust.  The celery root puree is silky ...

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Interview with a CHEF

August 21, 2014

We'd like to introduce our new Executive Chef, Seamus Gibney.  During an afternoon chat, we learned a lot about the self-described gypsy as he discussed his past and how he came about working at Pier 23 Cafe. Hailing from upstate NY, Rochester to be exact, he's lived all around the country- Manhattan, Los Angeles, Colorado, North Carolina and now San Francisco.  He's worked in the restaurant business most of his life.  After a stint in the ...

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A Crab Salad Revelation

July 24, 2014

Often when you order a crab salad you receive gobs of louie dressing and an infinitesimal amount of crab.  Not the case with this crab salad at Pier 23 Cafe! Created by our new Executive Chef, SEAMUS GIBNEY, this salad is teeming with big chunks of crab meat.  The crab is tossed in a saffron aioli with avocado, green onion, and slices of radish served over a bed of arugula. The crab and avocado combination are truly a match made in epicur...

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Catch O’ Day : Sanddabs & Succotash!

June 24, 2014

Sanddabs, a small light delicate white fish, is an old San Francisco favorite rarely seen on menus today.  Served, bone in, the fish is gently pan roasted so that the meat falls off the bone in one beautiful filet.  Basking in a butter, lemon, garlic and herb sauce that doesn't overwhelm the light fish but truly brings forth the subtle seafood flavor. The sanddabs are served over a bright succotash- a mixture of corn, tomatoes, collard ...

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Simply Perfect Wings

January 21, 2014

I think we can all agree there's not much you need to do to fried chicken to make it delicious.  With just a shake of salt + pepper and the perfect crust, Chef Matt's new SALT + PEPPER WINGS are undeniably scrumptious.  Each wing is dredged in a light batter and then fried making the meat wonderfully tender without leaving an oil slick on your napkin.  The wings are served with a blue cheese dipping sauce that's thin almost like a blue ...

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Ruben Sandwich SF Style

December 12, 2013

There's Katz's Deli in New York and Langer's in LA, but if you've been looking for a CORNED BEEF SANDWICH in SF you may have come up short...until now! Chef Matt has concocted a version of the classic ruben sandwich putting his own SF spin on the traditional recipe.  First of all, he doesn't use rye bread.  In his efforts to always keep it local he's opted for the SF native sourdough.  This may seem like culinary blasphemy for some ruben ...

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BLUEGRASS on the Bay

November 26, 2013

They may have dismantled the America's Cup Music Pavillion right next door but you can ALWAYS hear world class music on the waterfront at PIER 23 CAFE. Just this past weekend, Barren Vines tore it up with their upbeat style of Bluegrass/Americana. Check out the music page for upcoming shows at Pier 23!

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The Fairest of Them All

November 24, 2013

The fanciful colors of the new SCALLOP CRUDO appetizer make this dish a true beauty to behold. Slivers of pink ruby grapefruit, shaved fennel, and watermelon radish are delicately layered on top of thinly sliced scallop.  The presentation is as impeccable as it tastes.  The citrus acidity, light licorice notes from the fennel, and subtle bitter bite of the radish add some zing to the velvety flavor of the seafood. A light drizzle of extra ...

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The Unveiling…Pork Medallions

November 1, 2013

We've just added some new dishes to our menu.  Here's a sneak peek of the culinary delights CHEF MATT has been conceiving in the PIER 23 CAFE kitchen. Our new PORK MEDALLIONS entree is already a favorite!  Seasoned pork shoulder is sliced then expertly grilled to tender perfection.  Crowned with blistered sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes that burst with flavor and served with a dollop of basil aioli on the side.  The pork, alone, is so ...

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